The Fine Art of Living

The world is but a canvas to our imagination

- Henry David Thoreau -

The Elements of Design

Saturated color and sculptured furniture transform the interiors at The William into livable, three-dimensional pieces of art. Chromatic pours by celebrated artist William Engel culminate in a design that brilliantly fuses art and architecture.

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Hand-Crafted Quarters

Each guest suite is a perfect union of innovation, craft, comfort and quality. Taking cues from the mid-century modern movement, The William is a sophisticated New York retreat for the discerning traveler.

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A Reimagined Clubhouse

Two connected brownstones at 24 East 39th Street have housed the private alumni club of the prestigious liberal arts school, Williams College, since 1924. Celebrate the next chapter, as this six-story historical townhouse has transformed into a modern, New York pied-à-terre.

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Modern Amenities

Our comprehensive amenities program offers the ultimate in comfort and service for discerning global travelers.

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At Your Service

Experience a new kind of concierge

Personalized Service

As a thirty-three room hotel, The William offers a level of attention and service unattainable in larger scale properties. Our dedicated concierge proactively anticipates the needs of each guest and seeks to provide an unparalleled service experience.

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Passport to New York

Tailored experiences begin prior to arrival at The William. Our concierge hand selects New York locations of interest based on your tastes and preferences and records them in a personalized passport, given to each guest upon check-in.

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The William Private Circle

An exclusive private members club with a personalized concierge service to organize the details of every stay, from coveted culinary destinations to cultural affairs. Let us do the heavy lifting. After all, there’s a city to explore.

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A Curated Community

Live like a local

Our Recommendations

At The William, we are proud to be located amongst some of the world’s best in class food, dining, nightlife, shopping and cultural venues. Here are a few of our favorite spots, to make your search easier. As always, our concierge stands ready to custom tailor any experience based on your personal preferences.

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